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9 Helpful Pet Care Tips During Fall

Worried about keeping your furry friends safe this season? These helpful tips may just ease your worries, guide you in taking better care of your pets, and protect them from possible health hazards which are commonly encountered during fall.

One of the many responsibilities of a pet owner includes having to keep his pets happy and healthy all year round. Such responsibility is never easy, that is why most of them need to learn how to take care of their pet regardless of the season.

And because autumn is just around the corner, it’s about time to know about the health risks and other possible problems that your pet might encounter during this season. While using pet enclosures and kennels could be of great help, having sufficient knowledge about the potential problems can help decrease the possibility of exposure to health risks and other problems.

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Cold Weather Poison Safety

As the environment begins to cool down, rodent and other animals may seek the warmth and safety of your home. During this season, it is common for home owners to set up traps and poison. Since many rodenticides are harmful to your pets, make sure to keep them out of your pet’s reach. Make sure to clean up any poison spillages to prevent accidental ingestion.

Enough Water

Give drink to the thirsty ...

Your furry friend needs enough water as much as you do. Regardless of the season, give your pet easy access to water. But make sure it is also free from harmful bacteria, the kind that would be safe enough for man to drink. At night, you need to anticipate that the temperature may drop, and your dog might choke after drinking water with iced chunks.

Protection from Pet Parasites

Although ticks are commonly known to be present during spring, pet owners need to be aware that ticks could still be around by fall. They mostly stay on leaves or litter, so it’s important to clean up your surroundings regularly. To protect your pet when he’s outdoors, you can make use of effective tick repellent products. It also helps to check his fur from time to time to detect and treat the problem early; hence greatly reducing the risk for the development of tick-borne infections.

Back to School Blues


Most dog breeds naturally love being around kids because they’re playful and fun. When school starts, your dog might start getting lonely from losing their playmate during the day. The best solution for this is to give him attention or give him some fun activities when you get home because your dog’s happiness also plays an important part in maintaining his health. Always give him ample time for bonding, especially if you notice that your dog has experienced separation anxiety.

Pet Grooming

Maintaining a healthy coat isn’t just about vanity; it’s for your pet’s health as well. Regular brushing of your pet’s fur could help out a lot, especially after bath. Having a healthy fur coat means your pet is protected from skin irritations, such as ‘hot spots’ that could affect his health negatively.

Safety and Warmth

As temperatures decrease, your pet’s fur may no longer be enough to keep him warm, especially when he’s outside. Make sure to check on the expected environment temperature prior to taking your dog out for a walk. Also, make sure to provide them with a safe and warm shelter during the night.

Diet Modification

Obesity in pets could expose them to serious health risks in the long run. It helps to keep your pet’s behavior and activity in check so you can properly provide him with just the right amount of calories. If his lifestyle is not as active as before, don’t give him plenty of food and minimize giving him treats between meals.

School Days Safety

During school days, you need to be extra careful in keeping those school supplies away from your pet’s reach. Small supplies may be a choking hazard, while others may contain harmful chemicals that are toxic to dogs. Pay particular attention on safe storage for markers, pens, and glue.


Comida Halloween

This holiday can of course be fun, but there are a lot of things you need to remember for your pet’s well-being. Costumes are okay if they’re comfortable enough to allow your furry friend to breathe normally. Accessories that pose a risk for choking should be avoided.

Planning to go trick-or-treating with your dog this Halloween? This could be great, just as long as you remember that not all treats are safe. Do make sure that your cat or dog doesn’t ingest any foods that contain chocolate because it’s known to be toxic to pets. For your pet’s safety, you may give him organic treats instead.

Looking forward to a better and fun autumn? Take note of these tips so that your family and your pet can enjoy the season more.

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Author: Jordan Walker
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