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DIY Catsicle Summer Treat recipe for your Feline

DIY Catsicle Summer Treat recipe for your Feline

By Louise Hung

What you need: Primal Pet Foods Chicken Mix, some tuna water from a can of tuna, a dash of the Honest Kitchen’s Pro Bloom Instant Goat’s Milk (optional), water, Dixie Cup.

I used the Primal Chicken Mix, not the nutritionally complete Primal Formula, because I use it as a base to make my own raw cat food, and it’s just what I have around. But really, I think any high quality raw ground chicken or raw chicken frozen cat food will work.

Thawing the chicken meat to just pliable but still “crunchy,” I gently pressed it into the bottom of a Dixie Cup, just under a quarter of the way full.

Then I mixed in just enough chilled tuna water (I just put the can in the fridge for a while then opened it) and a bit of regular water (if needed) to make the mixture uniform but still textured.

If you want to mix in a dash or two of the Pro Bloom Goat Milk for a probiotic boost, mix it in with some tuna water/regular water until completely dissolved and smooth, then add the mixture to the meat and stir.

Put the Dixie Cup with the meat pop mixture in the freezer for about an hour then cut away the Dixie Cup and serve.

So there you go. If your cats are toasty on these hot summer days, a catsicle might be just the treat to chill them out. If you try one of my creations, I hope your cat enjoys it like mine did. Or maybe these examples will inspire you to come up with a recipe of your own!    

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