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September/October 2014

September/October 2014

michelle-morris-adams-tito-roxy-luckyWelcome Pet Lovers!


Our September-October issue focuses on a variety of topics such as choosing a shelter dog in honor of ‘’Adopt a Shelter Dog Month in October; feral cats; pit bull awareness and Halloween safety tips.

Canus Domesticus or commonly known as the American Pit Bull is a much loved but greatly misunderstood breed. For many this canine celebrity has risen to fame both as a popular style icon and a nefarious villain. For those of us who are lucky enough to know and appreciate this misunderstood breed we are delighted. For those few dog lovers still struggling with bad press and long held misconceptions about this very intelligent and undervalued asset in the canine community. Please spend some time researching this magnificent animal. The evidence will astound and amaze you.

October is National Pet Wellness Month (NPWM); celebrate by committing to your furry friends’ health with annual wellness exams. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommends annual wellness exams at a minimum, and as your pet gets older, AAHA suggests that the frequency of visits should be determined on an individual basis, taking into account the pet’s age, species, breed and environment. Talk to your veterinarian about what is right for you and your pet. More than likely as a human being you visit the doctor and/or dentist at least once a year. Are you applying that same level of commitment for your pet? Because cats and dogs age quicker than we do, taking them to the veterinary hospital once a year is like you going once in five to seven years!

In the Healthcare Industry especially among seniors, I have noticed a growing popularity with Therapy Dogs and the positive influence they have within this rapidly expanding sector . In this issue we would like to highlight an article by Loving Animals Providing Smiles (LAPS). Their animals bring companionship, joy and smiles to the residents and families in our skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities and hospitals.

On the Cover is Bean. She was adopted from Yolo County Animal Services by Tom & Stephanie. Stephanie owns Fur Friend-Z Dog Grooming. Bean loves to run, eat, and perform tricks!  She completed her obedience training and is a really good girl.  She lives with her sister ‘Lola’ who is another pit bull that the Prices adopted earlier from another rescue organization.

Don’t forget to read our fun and ever-loving Miss Kitty story by Camie Bianchi, Your Home Nursing Services.

Our resource guide is about pets and people who love them. We hope you find this issue informational and inspiring. It’s also a place where businesses and organizations can promote their products, services and causes. We thank all of our advertisers for making this magazine possible.

Thank you for your support and enjoy this special time of year!


Michelle Morris-Adams

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