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Spring 2015

Spring 2015

michelle-morris-adams-tito-roxy-luckyWelcome Pet Lovers!


Welcome Spring…..this time of year gives us so many holidays to spend with family, friends and pets. Some dates are important and serve as pet lovers to focus together on specific pet issues. Some are created purely for fun, such as March 3rd, If Pets Had Thumbs Day. Others bring support and take responsibility.
Holidays and special pet themed days provide opportunities for education, awareness and celebration. Our website has a calendar of special dates but the following are a few special dates through March, April and May, some themes will be featured in this issue:
March 6-12: National Pet Sitters Week

All month: Animal Cruelty Prevention Month (ASPCA)
All month: National Pet Month
All month: National Pet First Aid Awareness Month (First Aid Info)
April 18th – 24th: National Pet ID Week
April 26th: National Kids & Pets Day

All month: Chip Your Pet Month (Home Again Pet ID)
May 1st – 7th: Be Kind to Animals Week (AHA), National Pet Week
May 3rd: National Disabled Pets Day
May 14th: Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
May 13th – 19th: National Dog Bite Prevention Week

A little about our Cover girl Sydney (age 12 in April) with her adopted kitty Mystic. Sydney is a local and lives on 5 acres. She has always had kitties in her life but she has a love for all animals. She is an accomplished horse person and did shows for awhile. All her life she’s had different animals ranging from cows, horses, dogs & cats and now pigs. Currently, she is also into raising pigs for the Mayfair.

Pet Lover's Guide Spring 2015 Happy Birthday Sydney!

As always, our purpose is to offer articles that inform, inspire and encourage you. We celebrate the mysterious, sacred and incredible bonds that exist between people and pets. We hope you enjoy this issue of our publication.

Thank you for your continued support and readership.


Michelle Morris-Adams

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