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Spring 2017

Spring 2017

michelle-morris-adams-tito-roxy-luckyWelcome Pet Lovers!


The gorgeous weather of Spring entices us to go outside. Mother Nature’s beauty invites us to enjoy and appreciate her beauty, her gifts; especially after a long cold and wet winter. Spring is a great time for extra longs walks or a nice jog with your pet, soaking in the fresh air and warm sunshine we love. If you were unaware, many non-profits host outdoor events this time of year. Bark For Life in Benicia, sponsored by The American Cancer Society, will be in May. Or, spend time with your furry canine wine tasting in beautiful Napa Valley. Details about these events are inside. Whatever your speed, wherever you go, share it with the people and pets you love.

This season, is also a great time to volunteer with your local shelter, SPCA, Humane Society or rescue group. As kitten season begins, they will need help fostering mama cats with litters, orphaned kittens and spay / neutering the unfixed roamers. Please read the article about Feral Cats and remember to Spay/Neuter!

Should you choose to Foster or volunteer, one can claim charitable deductions for certain expenses incurred in animal rescue work. So, although it may seem as your spending your own dollars, you will get it back. Check with your tax specialist to discuss these potential deductions to confirm that they are legitimate for your personal finance and tax situation.

Information about Pet Insurance, Cat Communication and “Why you should Adopt, not shop for your next pet” are of importance, so please read about them inside.
We dedicate this issue to my mom who recently lost another rescue. And by the time we go to print, we will have said good bye to our sweet boy Howie. SO, for those that recently lost a furry companion, we truly are sorry and we understand the loss of your furry loved one. May you find peace in your hearts. Please send us a photo of your beloved pet and we will honor him/her in our Summer Issue.

Thank you for your continued support and readership.


Michelle Morris-Adams

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