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Winter 2014/2015

Winter 2014/2015

michelle-morris-adams-tito-roxy-luckyWelcome Pet Lovers!


Though many publications are going digital these days (and understandably so), there’s still something kind of enchanting about holding a physical copy of a magazine, isn’t there? At least, there’s something enchanting about it for nerds like me. Flipping through the glossy pages, the smell of the paper and ink, the heft of the magazine itself….

The Pet Lovers Guide has grown in popularity and we strive to provide you with educational content and resources. However, we have decided to move from bi-monthly publishing to quarterly.

Most importantly for our readers, understand that quarterlies become more of a guide than something you might flip through quickly while waiting at the doctor’s office. They’re publications to which you might refer back. So we want you to benefit from the magazines articles, resource directory of non-profits and recognize the businesses we publish.

Given the longer timeframe between publications, writers and editors for quarterly publications have a bit more room to work on bigger, better things. There’s more time to fully explore a story and make it the absolute best it can be.

Our quarterly magazine will publish as follows: Dec-Feb; March-May; June-August; Sept-Nov.

Please enjoy this Winters articles and ads.

Thank you for your continued support and readership.


Michelle Morris-Adams

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