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Stop Animal Abuse

It is a tragic reality that many dogs and cats around the world are suffering from cruelty and abuse.

stop_animal_abuseIn becoming involved with a humane organization, I have come to realize how deeply spread animal abuse is. Cats in particular, have been the subjects of especially unjustified cruelty over the centuries. This cruelty unfortunately is worldwide and is still taking place today. The problems are the same everywhere: overpopulation and neglect, the direct hostility of many people, the lack of government/local funding to curb the population with massive humane spay/neuter initiatives. I believe that the negative image of cats (An image I believe resides mostly in people who have never owned one, and have never had the opportunity to appreciate the many qualities of these magnificent, intelligent and sensitive animals) stems from the suspicions of the middle ages, when cats were identified with being instruments of the occult and evil. Because this image still lingers with many people, cruelty is more often perpetrated towards cats than dogs worldwide. Some examples are:

  • Drowning newborn kittens. A practice used in many countries.
  • Training dogs to kill cats and kittens.
  • Abandoning cats and kittens on highways, parking lots, fields, everywhere.
  • Leaving them locked in vacant apartments, houses, and abandoned/condemned buildings to die.

Fortunately, however, cats have their friends as well. Millions of people worldwide feed strays, save cats and kittens from the streets, rescue the ill and injured, and many humane volunteer organizations sponsor spay/neuter/rescue/adoption programs.

So, although the numbers of abused cats are staggering, we must continue to work together to lessen the plight of abandoned cats and kittens by sensitizing the public to their suffering, thus promoting more initiatives to help them.

We have provided this article “In Memory of Grace”. She was one of the 5 cats subjected to torture in our very own community. Our local vets said this was amongst one of the cruelest cases they have ever seen. The poor cats were rubber band together so they couldn’t fight back or scratch the dogs while the dogs tortured them. For more on this story, please visit:


When to Report Animal Cruelty

Whether animal cruelty pertains to cats or dogs. PLEASE report the abuse. If you see someone beating animals, starving them, chaining them for long periods of time, running puppy mills or arranging dog fights for their personal gain, it’s best to report the situation and let the authorities take control.

Try to provide documentation, such as photos, if possible – but never put yourself or others in danger while collecting this evidence. The resources below will point you toward the authorities who will best be able to help:

To Report Animal Cruelty and Abuse

To Learn About Animal Cruelty Laws

  • Animal Legal Defense Fund: A source to research animal cruelty laws by state, and learn about past and present animal cruelty legal cases. Phone: 707-795-2533