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Bring Your Best Friend With You When You Move Into Senior Living

The fear of having to give up a beloved pet is among the top emotional reasons seniors resist moving into a senior living arrangement, according to an informal survey by author and senior real estate specialist Bruce Nemovitz. When he asked seniors to name the top three factors that kept them from moving, respondents ranked the prospect of losing a pet as equally daunting
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Basic Bird Nutrition

A balanced diet is a necessity to allow the bird to live a full and healthy life. An unbalanced diet is the main cause of disease and early death in pet birds. Malnutrition is a human-made disease. Fortunately, it is also preventable. Owners must be the ones to actively study avian nutrition and implement it for their bird. It is much easier to start
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January Is National Adopt a Rescued Bird Month!

Dr. Laurie Hess gives you the information you need to welcome a new bird into your home. For more great pet tips, be sure to visit Dr. Laurie’s Facebook page! You probably didn’t know this, but January is National Adopt a Rescued Bird month, a great time to bring a new feathered friend into your home. There are thousands of abandoned, homeless birds in need of
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