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Tree & Bird Safety

Birds build homes in which to raise their young just as humans do, although their site selections are more varied and often in obscure, hidden places. It is common to think of nests being in tree branches. But some birds build nests on the ground, in bushes and cavities; some build on the sides and eaves of houses, as well as on other man-made
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Poison Prevention

As in years past, a week in March has been set aside as Poison Prevention Week. This is a good time to review what potential poisons we may have in our homes, garages, and outdoors, and make sure they are safely out of reach of children and pets. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to
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Winter Birds and What to Feed Them

When natural food supplies decrease as temperatures drop, your bird feeders will become much more popular with birds. Winter is the time to stock up on the foods that birds will seek out, especially foods that offer the most calories. These high fat foods will give birds plenty of energy to build the fat reserves needed to survive the long, cold winter nights. The
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