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Things To Think About Before Acquiring A Rabbit

Rabbits have been popularly kept as pets in Western nations since the 1800s. Rabbits can adjust well to indoor life, and can even be litter box trained. Like all pets, rabbits need a considerable amount of care and attention. Often people purchase rabbits from a breeder. Many people prefer breeders under suspicion that some pet stores sell cross bred rabbits. Such a breeder who
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Choosing a Rabbit as a Pet

Rabbits can make excellent house pets. They are generally clean and often can be housetrained to use a litter box. They are interesting, docile, interact well with people, and can become quite affectionate. But before acquiring a pet rabbit, there are some things you should consider. Rabbits can be difficult to handle: Rabbits often resist being picked up, and if not handled correctly, they
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