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Things To Think About Before Acquiring A Rabbit

Rabbits have been popularly kept as pets in Western nations since the 1800s. Rabbits can adjust well to indoor life, and can even be litter box trained. Like all pets, rabbits need a considerable amount of care and attention. Often people purchase rabbits from a breeder. Many people prefer breeders under suspicion that some pet stores sell cross bred rabbits. Such a breeder who
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Her fluffy hair, bright eyes and head tilt had me from the start. And those ears! Oh my goodness. There’s no doubt the cuteness factor was way up there.  This adorable girl is Alice. She is a sweet girl, happy and energetic and loves to play. Alice and her siblings, Mel, Vera and Flo are Pomeranian mixes born in November of 2014 and rescued
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Mondo’s Story

Everything started changing around me. The forest came inside, everyone was smiling and beautiful smells came from the kitchen. Everyone was busy getting dressed, going to parties, and coming home late. Colorful packages collected near the tree in the living room. Many times my food bowl remained empty and I became more invisible every day. All the lights were shining so bright while my
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What is it like to Rescue Animals, especially cats?

Since I was a little girl we had pets (cats and dogs), which I loved, but I never truly understood how emotional and compassionate they were. Not until I was in my early 20’s and decided to move out of mom’s leaving behind a cat she allowed me to keep since age 12. Gizmo resented that I didn’t take her with me, but I
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Addressing Stress In Service Dogs

Can you imagine…the frustration of a puppy that is not able to run and play with the others when he sees them having fun? Restricted “in harness” hours at a time? Limited to strict behavior? Required to be focused, alert, and at attention in highstress situations for long periods of time? Can’t eliminate when he needs to? Drink when he’s thirsty? Or sleep when
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