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Lyme Disease in Dogs

It is hard to get an early diagnosis of Lyme disease in your own dog. The first sign of Lyme disease in humans is a rash, well; animals do not develop this rash. Lyme disease is also not one of the first illnesses that the veterinarian looks for when you take your dog in for a visit. Many other common illnesses can produce some
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Top 10 Summer Tips for Your Pet

By Dr. Mark Perissinotto Summer is here and sadly this season has seen a large amount of flooding that has brought tragedy and loss for thousands of people around Australia who have been greatly affected by the natural disaster. Temperatures are however still high in these areas and for other parts of the country that have escaped the floods it’s important to remember that
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The Rein Coat®

A new, therapeutic calming coat for dogs and cats — that WORKS! It has often been said that necessity is the mother of invention.  And that is true for Paula Hege and her beloved English Mastiff, Rabb. Three years ago, Rabb was trapped in a thunderstorm.  So violent was the storm that the creek behind Paula’s home flooded.  The natural instinct of animals is to
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Pet Microchip Awareness Month

If your pet is used to you meeting all of its needs, imagine how difficult it would be for him to fend for himself if he were to get lost.  It can be difficult finding them on your own, which is why collars can be quite useful.  However, it is best to combine this basic measure with pet microchip technology too. If your pet
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Poison Prevention

As in years past, a week in March has been set aside as Poison Prevention Week. This is a good time to review what potential poisons we may have in our homes, garages, and outdoors, and make sure they are safely out of reach of children and pets. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to
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