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Winter Shelters for Cats

Tips for keeping community cats safe and cozy during the winter months. All good shelter designs share two qualities: Strong insulation – needed to trap body heat, which turns the cats into little radiators. Use straw, not hay or blankets. Minimal air space – a smaller interior area means that less heat is needed to keep the occupants warm. Shelter size is very important.
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How to Help Stray Animals

At Best Friends Animal Society, we care for thousands of animals each year. Many are dogs and cats who were separated from their families somehow and were brought to a shelter, where they remained unclaimed. Cats and dogs can become lost quickly for a variety of reasons, and even the most careful, thoughtful pet lovers can lose track of their pets. Cats are especially prone
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Put Your Best Paw Forward For National Homeless Animals Day

Many pet owners consider their pets to be an important part of their family, and therefore, treat them the same as they would any other family member—spoil them on their birthdays with special treats and toys, take them on fun family vacations to the beach or up north camping, even sharing their darkest and deepest secrets with their furry friends. However, not all pets
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Adopting Cats from an Animal Shelter

Animal shelters can be a good source of many different types of fine quality pets. Most shelters accept cats and dogs, and some also accept birds, small mammals, and even horses. Types of shelters Not all shelters are alike. Some shelters are actually part of your local government, supported by your tax dollars. Animal Control Officers or the police may be responsible for bringing
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Tips On How to Find Your Lost Pet

If you have lost your cat or dog, the first thing to remember is that the odds are in favor of finding them. The other first thing to remember is that the faster you move, the better those odds get. Begin your search as soon as you notice the animal missing. Here are some ideas to get your search started. Here are some steps to
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Choosing a Shelter Dog

Choosing a Shelter Dog  There’s one problem with adopting a dog from an animal shelter: The selection of available canine companions can overwhelm you! Man’s best friends come in all shapes, sizes, and, of course, personalities. The good news is that almost any shelter dog can make a wonderful, lifelong companion for you and your family. The bad news is that some of those
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