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Holistic Health is “Going to the Dogs”

By Barbara Ahern, Holistic Animal Practitioner and Creator of Canine AcuTouch Does your pup quiver at the sight of the car door opening? Does he pant, pace, cry, or cower during the entire outing in the car? Are the majority of his automobile rides for the purpose of grooming, boarding, or Dr. visits? Anxiety related to Fido’s limo ride could be the culprit behind
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Mini-Horse Popular with Local Seniors

Napan Kristy Pruett has a lot going on in her life. She works full-time as a Napa Police Department Dispatcher. She owns and shows “a lot” of horses, including 20 miniature horses. She has 3 dogs, and also spends time with her human family members. Included in her busy life were trips to Sacramento to volunteer with one of her miniature horses, Banner, through
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