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Tree & Bird Safety

Important Phone Numbers

To report bird harassment, killing, and/or destruction of bird nests:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife: (888) 334-2258
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northern California: (916) 414-6464

For advice on nesting birds or referrals for professional nest surveys:

Golden Gate Audubon Society: (510) 843-2222
Mon., Wed.  & Thurs., 9 am to 12 noon

To report destruction or harassments of birds or nests in San Francisco parks, or to report inappropriate trimming and nest disturbance in the city of San Francisco:

San Francisco Urban Forestry Division: Emergency Line 311

To report nest disturbance or inappropriate trimming in
the coastal zone:

California Coastal Commission Enforcement Officer: (562) 590-5223

Article provided by www.goldengateaudubon.org

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