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After seeing a video of a blue nosed pit bull puppy posted in the Facebook page of CARES (Center for Animal Rescue and Education in Solano), a kind and compassionate woman Corinne contacted the rescue group and offered to foster Tucker on August 2015.

Tucker was taken from an unfit family by a Bay Area shelter, found severely neglected and needed an urgent medical attention. Tucker’s condition shocked everyone who saw his condition most especially Corinne. He is unable to walk, and instead scoots about in squirming motion, dragging his paralyzed back end. When Corrine got Tucker, he was severely underweight and weak. But despite his poor medical condition, he was the happiest little guy. Within a few months with the time Corinne spent to improve Tucker’s health, he had gone from 31 lbs. to his current 56 lbs.

Although Corrine has fostered many dogs, she was a bit reluctant to take on Tucker because she was not sure if she is going to be equipped to provide him the care he needed. Tucker as a puppy, just only 3 months old  had been used as a bait dog by his owner. During the alleged attack by another dog, Tucker had his right leg torn off, left with such a serious injury to self heal.  As a result of the trauma, he developed paralysis, a neurological deficit causing incontinence (inability to control his urination), inability to control his bowel movement, and ataxia in his remaining leg.

Tucker’s remaining rear leg; it’s as if he has no clue what he is doing with it. He still can move it and he can still even support himself on it for only short periods of time as long as he is standing. As soon as he tries to walk, he can sometimes make it a few feet but inevitably, he topples over. With the aid of hydrotherapy as recommended by a specialist, he can gain strength and improve his mobility. As far as his incontinence he does not really know when he needs to pee and when he needs to poop, it just happens.

Poor sweet baby had the most horrible disparities imparted on him in his first few months of puppy life. Up until he was saved from the previous owners that he had been severely abused, horribly injured and left to suffer without veterinary treatment, starved and neglected.

With the help of family, friends and complete strangers who knew of Tucker’s predicament donations have been raised to pay for his expensive veterinary costs (Xrays ,MRI, a custom fit wheelchair, laboratory tests, and a penis prepuce surgery to “lift” his penis and prevent it from dragging on the ground when he scoots). But there is still more to be raised. We would like for Tucker to have hydrotherapy to possibly strengthen his remaining leg and make him more mobile without causing injury. He drags his leg and “nub” causing abrasions and bleeding.

Behaviorally, Tucker is a dog-friendly dog. He lives with six other dogs and lovingly plays with all of them. He lives on a farm and is  literally face to face (through a wire fence) with goats, chickens, emus , and horses. He gets to go in the farm yard with Corinne in his wheelchair and does not want to chase any of the animals, but instead stares intently with great interest and awe at the animals. He even kissed a horse on the nose ! He is really funny and appears to be happy despite the raw deal he was dealt.

Help or Adopt Tucker

With his hydrotherapy treatment as planned,
we are reaching out for financial support from people.
Donations could be made by one of the following options:

Visit  www.caresforanimals.org  and click donate.

(Make sure to add a memo that is it for Tucker).


By mailing a check to CARES at:
96 Springstowne Center Suite B  Vallejo, CA  94591

Donations towards Tucker’s  treatment is a tax deductible expense.
CARES EIN # is : 47-3608185

Those interested in adopting Tucker should contact
CARES at adoptions@caresforanimals.org.